• From someone who works out all the time, is in the middle of doing "75 Hard". I've visted Joel and Joe and they are both fantastic at what they do. I feel so much better when I leave the appointment. Very cost effective. Highly recommend. I will be a repeat customer as I move through this program and future endeavours. Thanks again!

    Show More - Andrew M. - 2 weeks ago
  • Nothing is better than showing up in pain and leaving feeling wonderful.  Thank you

    - Lynne W.-K. - 2 weeks ago
  • I've seen few doctors in my life. My guts telling me , this doctor is very good doctor.  Very professional and knowledgeable.  I learn something new today.

    - Bart D. - a month ago
  • Tuesday I could not put on my socks or tie my shoes because my back hurt so bad.  It is Saturday and I can dress myself!  And walked 1.5 miles!  In addition he healed my persistent plantar fasciitis. Thank you Dr. Joe Muraglia! I have also had great care from Dr. Joel Hanson. I am so grateful for the excellent care at Itasca Health and Chiropractic!

    Show More - Renee R. - 2 months ago
  • Fantastic experience! I was in town for work when my sciatica flared up. Dr. Joe and Dr. Joel were very helpful! Dr. Joe really took the time to truly help me. I felt very taken care of. Very friendly staff.

    Thank you!

    - Chris B. - 3 months ago
  • Highly recommend! I felt way better after I left my first and 2nd appointment. Already passed information about this place to my family and friends!

    - Calinda R. - 5 months ago
  • I am not a fan of generally going to the doctor, but Dr. Joel and his team are great. Everyone is personable, caring, and professional. Dr. Joel was very attentive to my issue and provided a a tailored treatment plan to help me  recover from a muscle strain, and get back to being physically active. He is also knowledgeable in dietary supplements and exercises that can be done at home to improve or prevent common injuries or pain issues. I highly recommend Itasca Health & Chiropractic services!

    Show More - Veronica p - 6 months ago
  • Where do I begin with how great Dr. Joel and Dr. Joe are! I came across Itasca Health when I was in dire need of chiropractic care due to sciatic pain/back pain while I was pregnant. From my first visit, it was apparent that both doctors were very invested in learning about what my issues were and took time to explain everything they were going to do so that I felt comfortable about all of the adjustments they were going to do. Through their thoughtful approach to my care, I started sleeping and walking without pain in a couple of visits. Coming to the office was a highlight of my week, so much so that I saw Dr. Joel and Dr. Joe up until my last week of pregnancy! I cannot wait to bring my daughter here to get adjusted as she gets older. If you’re looking for a practice that truly understands the human body and cares about you individually, look no further!

    Show More - Izabela B. - a year ago
  • I have been experiencing back pain for 4 years. Dr. Joe and Dr. Joel have done more for me in 4 appointment than physical therapy did for me in 2 months. This a great place, everyone here is so nice and genuine! I always feel a sense of calm when I walk in the office. The doctors will also teach you about the area where the pain is and the steps they are taking to help relieve the pain. I always appreciate when doctors do that.

    Show More - Mallory N. - a year ago
  • Dr. Hanson and his team are incredible. I’ve been having shoulder pain for years that even surgery didn’t solve. I saw Dr. Hanson and he was able to determine my actual cause of pain was my neck and alleviate all of my pain within four weeks. I can’t recommend him and his staff enough. Everyone in the office is incredibly kind and wants the best for you, and Dr. Hanson will do everything he possibly can to make sure you’re feeling better as fast as possible.

    Show More - Erin M. - a year ago
  • Welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and professional care. Everyone is positively motivated to give the best care they can. Dr Joe and Dr Joel helped me get immediate relief and continued care to relieve my lower back pain! Almost gone!

    The whole team is a pleasure to interact with!

    - Samuel P. - a year ago
  • I can’t thank Dr. Hanson enough for his the amazing treatment during the few months that I was in his care. I am an ex athlete that had gotten pretty overweight and out of shape. Attempting to get back in shape, I injured my back. I ended up with a pretty severe bulging disc in my lower back that almost incapacitated me. I started my treatment with another chiropractor and it was a very poor and expensive experience. Then I found Dr Hanson and my hopes of getting back to a pretty normal lifestyle were renewed. He didn’t assign a cookie cutter treatment plan. After reviewing my MRI and X-Rays he applied his advertised “whole person approach”, along with his ART knowledge and tailored a treatment plan for my needs. When I had to move for work, I was at a point where I could basically do any activity that I used to with almost no pain. I continue to use the the exercises and stretches he taught me and wish I could still receive treatment. Thanks for helping me get back to living my life!

    Show More - dylan s. - a year ago
  • I worked for a Chiropractor for over 23 years and when he retired and moved to Florida I was very concerned about finding a Chiropractor that I would feel as comfortable with and felt I could trust! Dr. Hanson was an incredible find for me. He is so caring and takes the time you need with him and definitely makes me feel comfortable. He gets to the root of the problem and helps keep you on track! I would 100 percent recommend him to my family and friends😄

    Show More - Anne G. - a year ago
  • Joe has helped with my neck pain so much! Not only do I feel better after my appointments but he also gives me stretches to do that help strengthen my problem areas on my own. I have progressed so much since I started going to Itasca Health & Chiropractic.

    - Miranda R. - a year ago
  • Dr. Joe is great! He is very personable and is great with his patients. He is always suggesting new things to make his patients feel their best. I would highly recommend him and the Itasca Health and Chiropractic staff to anyone!

    - Casey D. - a year ago
  • Dr Joel is an awesome doc, he has been great with communicating. He takes the time to inform me of not only, what's going on with my issue. But how I can help prevent it.

    - Jeff V. - a year ago
  • So thankful for both Doctors here! I never feel as if they are trying to rush me in and out, they genuinely listen to any issues I might be having, have provided a multitude of helpful exercises that have helped improve my range of motion and if I need to be seen sooner than my next appointment they always find the time to get me in. It’s so difficult to find a great chiro and I’m elated to call this office my home chiro office!!

    Show More - Tricia G. - a year ago
  • Only good things to say about Dr. Joel and his care team. He and the team were very courteous, professional, and timely with appointments. Treatment for my condition was both quick and effective.

    - Amanda C. - a year ago
  • Dr. Hanson and staff are very personable.  He really knows his stuff and after only 3 visits I've gotten some relief.  Will continue to see him and recommend him as well.

    - Juana C. - a year ago
  • Dr. Hanson has been a lucky find for me, I have struggled with cluster headaches/Migraines for over 2 years, it got so bad where I was having episodes every 3-4 days, so appreciative of his diagnosis and solution it has resolved my situation, the headaches have been minimized and I am able to live a normal life again, thanks again Doc for your continued treatment.

    Show More - Illyas S. - a year ago
  • Really nice guy who takes the time to understand what your issue is and build a plan to address it. He is much more than the standard chiropractor who focus only on adjustments.

    - Richard - a year ago
  • Dr. Joel has helped me tremendously with my recurrent lower back pain. He listens attentively, adjusts carefully, and is committed to treating my whole health, which I really appreciate.  He asks questions and then tailors his approach to ensure relief that keeps pace with my individual pain tolerance.  I am relieved to have found such compassionate, knowledgeable care!

    Show More - Kelly A. - 2 years ago
  • I am very pleased with the way Dr. Joel addressed my back and neck issues. When my previous chiropractor relocated, I found Dr. Joel online. After reading all the positive reviews, I decided to set an appointment. I have been in construction for 35 years and my back and neck have taken a bit of a beating. The first thing I noticed with Dr. Joel was his thoroughness, starting with the first exam. He didn’t just adjust my back and send me on my way. He explained everything very concisely. He also encouraged me to incorporate at-home therapy along with his in-office adjustments and massage treatments. I had a stubborn pinched  nerve in my neck; but, with his in-office treatments and my at-home therapy, I have fully recovered and feel back to my normal self. I will continue the at-home therapy he has taught me to keep my injuries from reoccurring. I would recommend Dr. Joel to my friends, family and coworkers.

    Show More - Mike V. - 2 years ago
  • Dr. Joel Hanson is not only a highly skilled chiropractor, but also a very caring individual attentive to your specific needs. He really takes the time to create a personalized combination of exercises and adjustments that is beneficial for your long-term health. Also, he is very knowledgeable in dietary supplements and nutrition. Highly recommended.

    Show More - Amber J. - 2 years ago
  • I felt incredible pain placing a heavy item on the floor of my car. I couldn’t stand up and couldn’t lift my legs to climb the 2 steps into my home. Still in pain incredible pain after 3 days ibuprofen and icing . My work covered tela-med doctor prescribed steroids and relaxers after 3 questions and 2 minute call. Not wanting that route, i researched chiropractors.  Some felt shady and gimmicky. I then called Itasca Health and chiropractor. I spoke to most wonderful receptionist, was given the pricing over the phone, explained insurance what can I expect from the Dr and what to expect. I made the appointment for the next day. I met Dr Joel and intern Adam. Adam asked many questions, writing everything down, checking various movements. He then placed the most relaxing, weighted heat pad on my back and shoulders. I was then given an adjustment. Adam also gave attention to my IT bands. By the time I left, I felt wonderful! I could move and my pain was reduced by 50% in just 1 hour.  My next appointment I was shown many exercises and stretches. My pain is now gone. I will continue to visit Itasca Health and Chiropractor. They are about heath. Totally spot on with what I needed and when I will feel better. If your reading this your looking for a Chiro office that is genuine. Do what I did, call them. Thank you!

    Show More - Kitty C. - 2 years ago
  • Dr. Joel and his entire staff are top notch. They provide a wonderful atmosphere to receive treatment. I was having reoccurring back pain and figured it was just something I had to deal with from here on out. Dr. Joel listened very attentively as I explained the history of this pain. He was very informative with an appropriate amount of information regarding his diagnosis and treatment plan. Happy to say I am pain free and look forward to growing this healthier path I am on.

    Show More - Scott F. - 2 years ago
  • My very first visit to a Chiropractor and had a great experience!  I went in assuming I would just get an adjustment and be on my way. Though Dr.  Hanson spent over an hour going over various exercises and stretching techniques to help at home.  Had another visit a few days after, which helped alleviate a lot of my pain, some more stretching and exercises along with adjustments.  Highly recommend Itasca Health & Chiropractic, a hometown gem!

    Show More - Anjli P. - 2 years ago
  • I have been seeing Dr Joel for a couple of weeks. I had a headache that persisted for over a month, paired with occasional nausea and dizziness. After my first visit, I felt relief. It has continued with each visit. I have noticed my head turns easier and my range of motion in my head is better. Im also sleeping through the night again. I would like to report, I'm not dealing with the headache anymore! I actually look forward to my weekly visits. I feel like I walk lighter for days after leaving. I have never felt so straight! He takes his time, explains everything, and has really changed many aspects of my life. Thank you Dr. Joel.  I look forward to getting many other parts of my life back as I continue to improve with your help!

    Show More - Rose M. - 2 years ago
  • Dr. Joel Hanson is such a fantastic Chiropractor. He is so nice, compassionate, caring and extremely professional. He is motivated to help his patients achieve a level of wellness that focuses on quality of life. Highly Recommended!

    - Zach H. - 2 years ago
  • The two most important things for me when it comes to my well being are my relationship with my chiropractor and the quality of the service.

    Joel takes the time to get to know each patient individually which creates trust and good communication. Also, he is constantly taking courses and seminars to enhance his ability to deliver results.
    Relationship and knowledge make all the difference.

    Show More - Eddie R. - 2 years ago
  • My 16 yr old son started seeing Dr. Hanson when he was experiencing tightness and pain in his back due to high school sports.  Dr. Hanson worked out the tightness and gave my son relief.  He was also so informative and patient that my son is now interested in becoming a chiropractor.  Highly recommend.

    Show More - Susie V. - 2 years ago
  • Joel Hanson is a true professional.  In one visit he diagnosed my problem and recommended several exercises to help reduce, possibly eliminate, my back pain.  I will recommend Joel to everyone I know who suffers from any kind of back pain.  In fact, I already have.

    - Michael N. - 2 years ago
  • Wonderful comprehensive service. Really appreciate having more than just an adjustment but having muscular issues addressed and excercises to help prevent the issue.

    - Marguerite H. - 2 years ago
  • This place is great. Dr Joel is very knowledgeable and listens to your concerns.  I had a recurring hip injury that at times would prevent me from being able to walk. Within 7 visits and doing my at home stretching and strength building exercises pertained by Dr. Joel I am virtually pain free and able to keep on a regular weight lifting routine. The staff is courteous and friendly and greet you by name when you walk in. Clean facility. Although I hope I never have to I would definitely go back.

    Show More - Chris D. - 3 years ago
  • Dr. Joel is professional and compassionate.  He has helped me resolve numbness and pain that was going down my arms.  Most recently I pulled muscles while exercising.  Dr. Joel has provided treatment and home exercises to speed my recovery.  I would highly recommend Itasca Health and Chiropractic.

    Show More - Lenay F. - 3 years ago
  • I’ve been dealing with chronic back and neck pain most of my adult life due to previous injuries. After OT and PT, I figured it was something I would just have to live with. I was referred to Dr. Hanson by someone at work and wish I had gone sooner. After one treatment the neck pain/stiffness I had for years was significantly better. I went back after a lower back flare up and felt immediate relief. He was extremely professional, walked me through everything as he was doing it, and taught me how to properly stretch to maintain comfort.

    Show More - Sydney D. - 3 years ago
  • On behave of my husband, Frank Carello. Frank has had a great experience with Dr. Joel at Itasca Health & Chiropractic. He continues to see Dr. Joel to maintain a healthy low back with little to no pain on a daily basis. When he does have a flare up Dr. Joel is open to help him at his earliest convenience! Overall it has been a great experience!

    Show More - Adrienne C. - 3 years ago
  • Dr. Joel Had me feeling better in just a couple of visits. He did a great job explaining everything he was doing. He provided me with some recommendations and some home exercises. With his help I am feeling much better.

    - Cathy J. - 3 years ago
  • Dr. Joel helped tremendously! Very knowledgeable and helpful, my first time coming in I was hurting and could barely walk after seeing dr. Joel he helped me walk again with no pain after 2-3 appts and helped me better understand what I was doing wrong in the gym and what I can do to prevent injury.

    - Mariah M. - 3 years ago
  • Dr. Hanson did an awesome job at making sure he addressed my discomfort and figuring out exactly what was wrong one step at a time. He  took the extra time to suggest different options that could work until I was pain free. I am looking forward to future wellness appointments. Thank you Dr. Hanson!

    Show More - Rafael C. - 3 years ago
  • Dr. Joel is great!  He has a very holistic approach that focuses on overall well being, not just 'adjustments'.

    - Elizabeth L. - 3 years ago
  • I have had a great experience here! Joel helped my TMJ so much. I recommend this place to everyone who is seeking chiropractic help!

    - Margaret C. - 3 years ago

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