Tension Headaches

How to Reduce Tension Headaches Using Chiropractic

Most adults have at one point in their lives experienced headaches. One common type of headache that adults typically suffer from is a tension headache, which can be the result of multiple factors. The pain of a tension headache is felt on both sides of the head, lasting between a few minutes to several hours. In some cases, the pain can linger for days, which is known as a chronic tension headache. If you suffer from tension headaches often, come and see our chiropractor at Itasca Health & Chiropractic, serving Itasca, Elk Grove Village, and Wood Dale, for help.

What Causes Tension Headaches?
Tension headaches can be caused by different factors, which is why they vary from one person to another. Certain triggers for tension headaches include anxiety, stress, work pressures, poor posture, not getting enough rest, depression, overexertion, and environmental and internal pressures.

Types of Tension Headaches
Tension headaches can be described as episodic or chronic. Episodic tension headaches occur periodically, about fewer than fifteen days a month. This type of headache gradually causes mild or moderate pain. On the other hand, chronic tension headaches happen more than fifteen days per month and the pain is severe.

How to Treat Tension Headaches
In most cases, the triggers to tension headaches are difficult to avoid since they are typically from everyday activities. However, working with a chiropractor to find the root cause of your tension headaches can help. Our chiropractor can develop a treatment plan that reduces your headaches and improve your life quality. In this plan, our chiropractor will also help you avoid possible triggers to your tension headaches. For example, if your headaches were caused by poor posture, our chiropractor can help improve your posture to prevent them in the future.

Contact Us for Tension Headache Treatment
Chiropractic care treats many conditions, including tension headaches. If you want to try chiropractic care to reduce your tension headaches, consider visiting our chiropractor from Itasca Health & Chiropractic. We serve Itasca, Elk Grove Village, and Wood Dale, IL, with the goal of helping individuals achieve ultimate health and wellness.

Since many of the triggers for tension headaches are difficult to avoid, our chiropractor can tailor the best treatment plan to help you deal with the tension headaches. Contact us today at 949-249-7777 to schedule an appointment. 

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