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We value our patients' experience at Itasca Health and Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Joel Hanson

by Dante DeJulius on 2017-01-25

Doctor Joe is always there for us when we need him. He provides thorough care and
treats the whole patient. He is caring and has an excellent rapport with his patients.
His staff is pleasant and helpful. I would recommend Itasca Health and Chiropractic to
anyone in need of these services.

by Anon on 2016-11-03
Dr Joe and his professional staff are the best!!!!!!!!! Two thumbs up?

by Elisabeth Burg on 2016-09-30
Excellent care and very good advice!

by Deborah Styka on 2016-08-30
The Yoga class is very good.

by Elisabeth Burg on 2016-08-30
I know I'm getting the best care by Dr. Riggio. He is trying hard to help me through a
difficult time of alleviating pain due to an injury I sustained through a car accident. I
also enjoy the very clean and nice facility including Dr. Riggio's very capable and
helpful Secretary Susan. A great place to get chiropractic treatment!

by Carol Conrad on 2016-08-24
My experience with Dr. Joe was very good. I have come a long way with his help and
for that I am forever grateful.

by Crystal Thomas on 2016-08-09
Quality diagnostics and treatment, caring staff, and effective recommendations. All
around a very good experience that I strongly recommend.

by Daniel Schwellenbach on 2016-08-04
Dr. Joe has a great understanding of how to treat pain in your body. He has helped
me with back, wrist and shoulder pain and it always was doe through treatment of the
spine. He also set me on the right pat to a healthier life style through proper nutrition.
Thanks for everything Doctor Joe.

by Elisabeth Burg on 2016-07-31
Dr. Riggio was very thorough in evaluating my condition and took time to answer all
my questions. Recently I was involved in a car accident and in need of help with head
and neck injuries. Immediately Dr. Riggio came to my mind because he previously
treated me for a back problem that was completely healed. I highly recommend Dr.
Riggio to anyone who is looking for Chiropractic care.

by Gerald Johnson on 2016-07-19
Dr. Riggio is an excellent chiropractor, and I look forward to seeing him, from here on
forward. Compared to other chiropractors I have seen in the past, he does not have
just a few methods of treatment. He has quite a few methods that he uses, in which
he focuses not only on the area of discomfort or pain, but all relevant areas of the
back and neck, in order to balance everything out, overall. The staff is courteous and
friendly, and always a joy to be around. I highly recommend this chiropractic facility.

by Rita Julian on 2016-06-24
I went in wanting to purchase an herbal product I had just ran out of. The friendly staff
took the time to find out what my needs were and suggested a different product. They
were out of it but told me they would call me later that day when the shipment arrived.
They did call!

by Thomas Drabant on 2016-06-03
Dr. Joe is an excellent Chiropractor who is professional, yet compassionate to his
patient's needs.

by Elisabeth Burg on 2016-05-10
I have been greatly helped with the treatment I received from Dr. J. Riggio and value
his expertise, patience and concern for his patients. The staff is friendly, very helpful
and efficient. I feel blessed to have such good care!

by Carol Conrad on 2016-04-14
As always my experience with Dr. Riggio was very good. I have been a patient of his
for a number of years and he has helped me tremendously with my sciatica, and
lower back pain. He is a doctor who really cares about his patients.

by George Crawford on 2016-04-11
was treated with respect and physician was very helpful

by Elisabeth Burg on 2016-04-09
Dr. Riggio has a genuine concern for his patients, is a good listener when patients
describe their aches and pains and tries hard to get his patients well again. I would
recommend him highly. Also, I really do appreciate the friendliness and helpfulness of
his staff. Nice facility. Thank you and many blessings to you as you continue your vital
work with hurting people. Liz Burg

by Amanda Kryska on 2016-03-30
Dr. Riggio was very thorough when explaining the services offered. He was able to
breakdown the benefits of not only chiropractic care but also the infrared sauna, the
vibration equipment to breakup the scar tissue in my ankle, and orthopedic shoes. I
plan on returning to utilize all these services. Dr. Riggio was also very good at
explaining the pricing breakdown of the services as well as what insurance would
cover. I appreciated his overall honesty and good nature.

by Carole Schreiber on 2016-03-19
Joe Riggio has helped me become mobile again! I no longer struggle with back pain
from my neck to my knees!!! Thanks Joe

by Paul Butler on 2016-03-18
Time is a valuable asset. This is respected by Itasca Health and Chiropractic. The
doctor saw me on time at each visit. My chiropractic was to eliminate or reduce
stiffness in my neck. At the initial evaluation the treatment was described along with
the probable outcome. Money is and issue in all of our lives. It was made clear that
my Medicare would not cover the bill. My approximate total payment was provided.
The recommended treatment was going to take place over a period of one month. I
agreed and the treatments were provided in a professional manner. The equipment
available for use is space age. Chiropractic treatment requires hands on application.
The treatment was delivered in and effective manner and you knew that the doctor
and the staff cared about you. I would recommend Itasca and Chiropractic to anyone
needing this type of treatment. I also warn anyone needing to contact their insurance
company first to see what is covered and what isn't. The insurance warning is the
same warning that I have given over the past 50 years. The stiffness was greatly
reduced, and I was provided with an exercise regimen that will keep the stiffness
under control.

by Sergio Abate on 2016-03-05
Just Great..!!

by Paul Butler on 2016-01-25
Itasca Chiropractic provides quality medical care. They are up front on what it costs
and they provide detailed print outs of your bill. The service is delivered in a timely
fashion. The main thing is that I feel better after being treated there.

by Patrick Lopardo on 2016-01-23
Dr. Joe and his staff do a great job.

by Albert Chavoen on 2016-01-21
I was told that I was a prime candidate for two total knee replacements when a
neighbor suggested that I go to Itasca Health. After only four treatments I had much
less pain in my knees. After twelve treatments the pain was almost gone. I still have
some discomfort when the knee bones rub, but it is acceptable. The orthotics that Dr.
Riggio had made for me are helping greatly to help straighten out my ankles, and take
the stress off the inside of my knees. I am very happy to have taken my neighbors
advice. Thank you Dr. Riggio. Al Chavoen

by Bonnie Stratynski on 2016-01-17
Dr. Joe and Tim were higly encouraging through the 28 day detox that we embarked
upon this past fall 2015. A friend and I did it together and the results are amazing.
Now don't get me wrong the first few days were ....horrible...Sorry Dr. Joe and Tim
but once we got used to the caffeine withdrawals and the preparation of the daily
shakes (i.e.: amounts to be mixed and added) it was much more palatable. I don't
suggest the "just add a brocoli to it I promise you won't even taste it" so not true, lol.
By day 3 you wil be feeling back in control and ready for success. The supplements
can also be slightly overwhelming, but just like anything the effort and determination
you put in is the reward. We received a body composition assessment in the
beginning and the end to see your progress and achievements, which for both of us
was outstanding! You will also be amazed at how after the cleanse you can really
taste the sweetness in the foods you begin to eat after. I would encourage anyone
who is interested in resetting their metabolism to embark upon this, it was the only
thing that worked for me. We are both so glad to have met you both at the health fair
in Itasca and for offering this product and encouragment! Bonnie :))

by Erick Coley on 2016-01-14
I've been to many chiropractors over years suffering from a herniated disc I have
never been treated for my lower back muscle tension pains The way Dr. Joe has set
up his treatments such a great medical treatment I have ever received I would
recommend this treatment from this doctor in this chiropractic office to anyone
suffering with pain

by Lisa Pokorny on 2016-01-11
Dr. Riggio is great. He really cares about his clients and it is evident during the
appointment. Dr. Riggio has a passion for what he does, and it shows during the
session. Overall, it has been an enjoyable experience going to his office. My
appointments are always on time. This is very important to me, since I go on my lunch
break. He is able to get me in and out with no problems. The atmosphere is warm and
inviting, and I enjoy that he offers nutritional supplements to ensure my health. The
office also has total body vibration that clients are able to use before or after their
sessions, and he offers infrared sauna treatments for detoxification and weight lose. I
highly recommend Dr. Riggio for anyone looking for a chiropractor or nutritional

by Barb Lynn on 2015-11-29
My friend and I wanted to improve our health, so we decided to do the 21 day
Standard Process detox. It was a challenge the first couple days as we had cravings
for some of the unhealthy things we were wanting to give up- (coffee, soda, sugar).
However, very quickly we started feeling great and losing weight, bloat and the
cravings for poor food choices. In the end we both lost well over 10 pounds and have
so much energy! So happy we did it. Dr Joe and Tim were both very supportive and
encouraging and educated us more every time we went in. If you have wondered if
this detox might work for you- DO IT! I feel fantastic and couldn't be more pleased
with the results!

by Anon on 2015-11-13
Beautiful office, flexible options for any of your needs!

by Anon on 2015-10-03
Very informative

by Anita Diesing on 2015-10-02
On time with appointments. Informative in continuing good health lifestyle.

by Stormy Lopez on 2015-09-06
Dr Riggio is excellent. He takes his time to complete a very thorough examination and
evaluation of your needs. His assistant, Tim is amiable and efficient and makes you
feel comfortable. I have recommended Dr Riggio to several friends

by Anon on 2015-08-28
Very helpful and educational

by Miriam Sanchez on 2015-08-27
Excellent medical and professional care. Would rrcommend friends and family to your

by Sarah Moenke on 2015-07-25
Dr is great and Tim is Johnny on the spot.. I can get in and out in less than thirty
minutes and I never have to wait.

by Rose Andrews on 2015-07-14
I have been seeing Dr. Riggio for 12 years. Whether it's for my monthly wellness visit
or a new injury, I always receive excellent care.

by Grazia Lenzi on 2015-06-29
Dr. Riggio is very methodical.

by Anon on 2015-06-26
My husband and I began the Purification program on May 1st - and I have to admit,
the first week or so was tough. It's hard to break bad habits (mine: Pepsi & chips/his:
candy and snack foods). During the program we had unlimited access to the exercise
equipment and twice weekly use of the sauna. We completed the program and
decided to continue eating along the dietary guidelines. Not only did we lose weight
(in less than two months we've lost approximately 10% of our original body weight -
and a few clothing sizes) we've also noticed improvements in skin, better sleeping,
more flexibility, and overall health. Also, and this is a big one, we were able to stop
taking daily doses of Prilosec. I would STRONGLY recommend the program; it works
for us!

by Gregory Poierier on 2015-06-18
they stop the pain thank u doc joe & tim

by Steve Zehner on 2015-06-18
I'm an 50ish year old that likes exercise regularly, I found myself with a pain in hip that
sidelined me for a couple weeks and wasn't getting any better. I turned to Dr. Joe for
help in resolving this pain. After my first visit I was feeling better, but additional visits
have continued to improve the pain as well as my range of motion and flexibility.
While I enjoy the improvement but also the directness with his approach.

by Daniel Schwellenbach on 2015-06-17
Dr. Riggio goes beyond the standard treatment of cracking bones and moving on. He
took the time to figure out the root of the problem to make sure he was treating the
cause and not just the symptoms. I strongly recommend Dr. Riggio for any body pain
or health improvement.

by Michael Scornavacco on 2015-06-12
Very thorough examination really took the time to understand my issues.

by Colleen Kaspari on 2015-05-25
I have been a patient of Dr. Riggio for 5 months now. He has provided excellent care.
Easy enough to make appointments with minimal waiting time. Tim, his office
assistant is great! Would definatly recommend this practice!

by Jaclyn Phillips on 2015-05-22
Dr. R is very attentive and works closely with patients to find the root of the issue. It's
a great practice. He uses a bunch of different techniques. He's not just a crack and go

by Juan Quinones on 2015-05-21
Dr Joe and his team are very informative and wasted no time in taking care of my
problem...the best chiro practice ive been to thus far.

by Michael Hebel on 2015-05-19
Dr. Riggio is a great chiropractor and much more. He takes the time to listen to what
you have to say and how you feel then customizes a plan to not only fix what's wrong
with, you but also to get you on track to a healthier over all life style. You can take
that information and do as much or as little as want to do depending on what your
own goals would be. Dr Riggio does a good job of convincing you to make your
WHOLE self better not just fix the ailment you had when you first came in to see him.

by Anon on 2015-05-06
Always feel much better after a visit.

by Rosemarie Stachel on 2015-04-19
I am very satisfied with the care and attention I am receiving from Dr.Riggio. Every
visit he noted my pain level and treated me accordingly. After a month my sciatic pain
in my back and leg are 90% better. My ten minute walks are now extended to twenty
minutes without hardly any pain.

by Grazia Lenzi on 2015-03-31
Since going there I have felt much better and very happy.

by Robert Sanshuk on 2015-03-26
Dr. Joe really understands the mechanics of the human body, and his experience and
expertise really show as he gets to the root of the problem and treats it. I came to him
with a very painful neck/head issue, which he worked on and ultimately vanquished
completely. Quite a relief. Now I see him for routine wellness sessions to keep things
in alignment and healthy. Joe is an exemplary healer.

by Caterina Brewer on 2015-02-22
Both my daughters and I have been treated by Dr. Joe Riggio! We were all happy
with the end result. He takes the time to listen to your needs & works towards the
recovery process! I have recommended Itasca Health & Chiropractic to many others.

by Domenico Schiavone on 2015-02-22
Doctor Joe is the best!

by Patricia Stasiak on 2015-02-20
Thanks, Dr. Joe! You've greatly improved my neck and shoulder mobility and
schooled me on how to better care for my aging pieces and parts. I look forward to
continuing as a Wellness patient.

by Dale Swanson on 2015-01-23
The doctor was very professional and the treatment was extensive and extremely
competent and thorough

by Bill Parthimos on 2015-01-08
I have been extremely happy with the care I've been receiving by Dr. Riggio. I
continue to improve every week.

by Jolanta Smola on 2014-10-29
My pain level was anything between 7-10 when I first walked in 3 weeks ago and now
it is 0-2 at the very worst. My only regret is not coming earlier. Thank you.

by James Radeck on 2014-10-28
Good service and friendly staff

by Anon on 2014-10-20
My family and I are very appreciative for the care our daughters receive from Dr.
Riggio. Not only does he help our daughters physically with their sports injuries, but
he also mentally helps them out with his positive attitude and abundant amount of
health knowledge. He believes in connecting everything together, so the girls are also
on supplements. Dr. Riggio is helping our entire family become healthier individuals.
Our daughters are making fantastic progress; as I know it is because of the whole
body approach that Itasca Health and Chiropractic takes. Words truly can not express
how grateful we are for all he has done. I would highly recommend Dr. Riggio to
anyone looking to better themselves in any health area.

by Anon on 2014-10-14
I have been seeing Dr. Riggio for a few weeks now and can't tell you how much my
quality of life has changed. His commitment to healing the whole body is truly
admirable. I look forward to feeling top notch soon and will continue to see him so I
can stay well.

by Olive Misceo on 2014-10-13
Dr Joe will get you feeling better in no time,then after the pain is gone ,come back
and sign up to use his wellness machines.maxium results with minimum effort ! My
kind of work out ! It helps strengthen your whole body therefore your less likely to be
easily injured.My new kind of Health Club !

by Kimberly Biangardi on 2014-09-22
One of the best Chiropractic doctors I know! I will refer him to anyone and everyone I
can... His office staff are pleasant, his office is very inviting and comfortable, the
diverse care he provides puts him on the top of my list, and the info he shares to
educate you on your condition and progress in find valuable and relieving ! Thank you
Dr Riggio for helping me reach and sustain a healthier life! I feel good and recognized
the differences immediately!

by Rose Andrews on 2014-09-09
Dr. Riggio shows genuine concern for your whole well being.

by Russell Conrad on 2014-09-06
The soreness was well worth it. I am moving and walking a little better every time I
visit Dr. Joe.

by Victoria Fowler on 2014-07-26
Office staff are fantastic. Dr. Riggio is compassionate and caring. He fixed my lower
back problems and now my knees are the subject of his attention. Gradually
improving and correcting years of abuse.

by William Yeager on 2014-07-16
positive after two visits

by Behnam Vaziri on 2014-07-15
I was referred to Dr. Riggio by a business friend, he is incredible! He has changed my
life, I went to him after a second epidural that did absolutely no good. I have 5 bad
discs and for the last 5 years no one has been able to help me. I have never been so
pain free! I still have to careful and continue therapy, but he is absolutely the best Dr.
In chiropractic feild. Ben Vaziri.

by Stephen Peters on 2014-07-14
My experience in working with Dr. Riggio was awesome. I have visited chiropractors
in the past and was not happy with the results. I felt that he truly took the time to learn
my unique situation and determine the cause of the pain I was experiencing. Each
visit Dr. Riggio spent a great deal of time and effort asking about the progress of our
work and seeking alternatives when changes were needed. In addition to his
chiropractic skills he has a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and healthy eating. He
shared many healthy habits with me that I have made a part of my daily routine. I
have never felt healthier and more pain free than I do now. I have already
recommended Dr. Riggio to many people and will continue to do so.

by Rose Andrews on 2014-07-11
Dr. Riggio is always thorough and caring.

by Carol Conrad on 2014-06-20
I continue to go for my wellness visits, because without them, I would be right back
where I started; in a lot of pain and discomfort. Dr. Joe made all of that go away and I
am truly grateful for all he has done for me.

by Robert Sampson on 2014-06-07
Dr. Joe is an extremely caring, knowledgeable, professional and ethical health care
provider. He and his staff went out of their way to help my family and me deal with my
excruciating and debilitating pain. When my condition did not improve immediately,
Dr. Joe wasted no time. He quickly engaged other health care specialists to assist
with the diagnosis and treatment of my condition. Dr. Joe clearly demonstrated to my
family and me that our overall health and well being are his number one priority.

by Rose Andrews on 2014-05-08
I have been a patient at Itasca Health and Chiropractic for over 10 years. Dr. Riggio
genuinely cares about his patient's overall health and well being. He strives to keep
up with the lastest advancements in treatment and patient care. I highly recommend
his practice.

by Anon on 2014-04-29
Dr. Joe is very professional and has explanations for why he is doing the various
treatments. It is too early to tell whether or not his work will be effective in curing my
health issue (pinched nerve in neck).

by Debra Guidotti on 2014-04-28
Dr. Joe is always ready to listen to your concerns and provide thoughtful and
experienced care. He makes his office a welcoming enviroment and treats you with
respect and individuality.

by Carol Conrad on 2014-04-28
I have been a patient of Dr.Joe for quite a number of years, and there is no
comparison to the way I felt and hurt when Dr. first saw me and how I am feeling now.
He has made my hurt go away and for this I am truly greatful. I am very fortunate to
have found him. CC

by Anon on 2014-04-25
Dr. Riggio is wonderful. My first visit I was in pain in the lower back. What bothered
me the most was the numbness in the feet. I had painted a room 5 days earlier and
developed pain the day after. I tried anti-inflammatories for 3 days with no relief. After
the first 2 visits I had marked improvement. I no longer have the pain or numbness.
We are currently working on stretching the shortened muscles and strengthening
others. Getting it so I don't get the pain in the future. Wonderful job.

"I was very impressed with the volume of time he [Dr. Riggio] spent with me. He listened to what I had to say and was understanding of my needs.

I found it rather interesting that I began treatment with what I thought was a back problem, but Dr. Riggio discovered my neck was the real issue. As a patient, it can be tempting to self diagnose, but I learned to have great confidence in Dr. Riggio’s expertise. I was also impressed that although I initially sought help for my foot problem with an Orthopedic surgeon no solutions were resolved until I was treated by Dr. Riggio. I guess I never thought of a Chiropractor as being a foot expert, but Dr. Riggio’s treatment resolved my problem.

Stop suffering with ailments that can be treated easily and non-invasively. Dr. Riggio is great at what he does, flexible in scheduling, and treats you in a customized manner to meet your personal needs."

-Diane DiGangi

"He [Dr. Riggio] keeps our family moving. As active as we are, he manages to make sure we are at our best when it really counts."

-Rudolph Julian

"I was told I would only get 80% of my movement back [in arm] no matter how hard I worked at physical therapy. Dr. Riggio specializes in a process called the Graston Technique…He did more than 20 sessions on me and I have full mobility! I returned to my surgeon to demonstrate to him my progress. He was more than shocked…"

-Emily Katzenbach

"Long story short, Dr. Riggio’s pursuit of the root cause of a problem led him to discover a bad ankle injury I suffered over 40 year ago.  Scar tissue in my leg was restricting normal flexibility, and it impacted the muscles in my back, which in turn caused disk compression and the resulting sciatica.  Once he started using the Graston Technique on my ankle to eliminate the scar tissue, my sciatica disappeared! 

It has taken a couple of months to break down the scar tissue and build up the muscle in my leg.  I should warn people – the Graston Technique is painful, but the discomfort only lasts during treatment, but it has been worth it.  I have my life back."

-Sybil Ege

"Dr. Joe Riggio at Itasca Health & Chiropractic is an excellent chiropractor. I have a history of scoliosis and went  to him 8 months ago with severe neck and back pain. Since I was a severe case, it took a couple months to get me pain-free. So now I only need spine maintenance once a month due to my spine curvature. I had been to other chiropractors before. Dr. Riggio is different from these others in that he really spent the time with me to hear all of my concerns and gave me a complete wellness exam. I not only got spine adjustments, but used his other services like the whole body vibration machines and the full spectrum sauna, both which helped me tremendously. I also followed his nutritional advice and life style training and lost 20 pounds under his care and lowered my blood pressure from scary dangerous numbers to excellent healthy numbers.  After a cycling accident during my recreational time, I fractured my wrist. When the cast came off, I went to Dr. Riggio at Itasca Health & Chiropractic for the recommended physical therapy to restore the strength and flexibility in my arm, hand, and wrist. I received excellent therapy and learned the exercises to do at home. The wrist, hand, and arm are now stronger than ever. I highly recommend him now to my friends. I love his belief in getting you better so that you don't have to come to him and can live a healthy active life style at any age. I now feel at least 15 years younger now with the weight loss and no back pain!"

-Sharon Broutzas


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