Massage is a universal therapy that has been around for thousands of years, with nearly every culture having its own techniques and styles to aid in the healing of the body. Although many believe that massage's only benefit is relaxation, studies prove that it does much more, such as:
-Relieves musculoskeletal pain
-Reduces appearance of scars
-Enhances sleep quality
-Reduces fatigue
-Promotes a sense of well-being
-Lessens depression and anxiety
-Reduces stress 
-Increases circulation
-Enhances immunity by stimulating lymph flow
Not all massage experiences are the same. There are a wide variety of types that can be used to harbor different results. The only style currently used in this office is:

Deep Tissue: contrary to popular belief, deep tissue does not refer to Swedish massage with more pressure. Deep tissue is a slow, methodical type of massage focusing on a client's problem muscle groups. Whether it's neck pain from an old whiplash or tension from a desk job, deep tissue can work to relieve it.


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  • "He [Dr. Riggio] keeps our family moving. As active as we are, he manages to make sure we are at our best when it really counts."
    Rudolph Julian- Itasca, IL