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Pinched Nerve

What Everyone Should Know About Pinched Nerves

At Itasca Health and Chiropractic, we are known in Itasca, Wood Dale and Elk Grove Village, IL for our excellent chiropractic care. We can safely say we have the best chiropractor on our team. One of the medical conditions that we have been treating is pinched nerves. This occurs when a nerve is compressed by too much pressure from the surrounding tissues, tendons, muscles, cartilages, or bones. 


When the nerve is compressed, it will stop functioning properly. If the condition corrects itself, the nerve will get back to its normal state, but if the situation persists for too long, the nerve may become damaged. The issue comes with some numbness, tingling, or pain. 

Symptoms of the conditions

How do you know if you have pinched nerves? If you have a pinched nerve in your hand or foot it may feel like your hand or foot is asleep. You will have less control where the nerve is affected and muscle weakness.

Additionally, the area may feel like its being pricked by pins and needles. It could also be accompanied by some tingling. You may also feel some sharp or burning pain that tends to get worse. Finally, you may experience a little numbness in the affected areas. 

What are the causes of a pinched nerve?

One condition that could cause a pinched nerve is a herniated disk. When this occurs, the nerve root will be compressed. Some tendons and muscles can also cause the condition. Another common cause is the compression of the carpal tunnel’s median nerve. Degenerated or thickened ligament can also cause it. Other conditions that can make a tissue compress a nerve are obesity, sports activities, stress, injury, and wrist arthritis. 

How to prevent pinched nerves with Itasca Health and Chiropractic

There are several ways to prevent this condition. The first one is to maintain a healthy weight. The weight of certain muscles may compress some nerves. You should always work out regularly and it is better to include exercises that build strength and promote flexibility. Maintain good posture and positioning.

When you discover that you have pinched nerves, you should book an appointment with us. Our chiropractor will give you a thorough assessment of your body and create a full body treatment plan. Visit us Itasca Health and Chiropractic for the best care in the Itasca, Elk Grove Village, and Wood Dale areas. Call (630) 250-9200 to make an appointment with us today. 


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