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Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc Symptoms and Treatment

Are you experiencing strong back pain that radiates to your shoulders, arm, or down your legs? Are you experiencing numbness or muscle weakness in these areas? Can you think back to a recent event where you thought you could have hurt your back? You may have caused an injury in your back that is affecting a nerve and the areas that surround it. Only a comprehensive examination of your back and spine will let you know for certain. At Itasca Health and Chiropractic, we are well-equipped to provide such an examination and treat the condition. Our office is located in Itasca and we serve Elk Grove Village, Wood Dale, and the surrounding communities.


Herniated Disc Symptoms

If you are experiencing the pain and numbness mentioned above, here are some herniated disc symptoms to consider that may affect your situation:

  1. Feelings of numbness and tingling: If a bulging disc is pushing up against a nerve, it will cause numbness and a tingling sensation in the areas that it serves.
  2. Muscle weakness: A compressed nerve is not able to communicate well with the brain. As a result, the muscles that the nerve controls will experience weakness.
  3. Pain: A herniated disc in your neck can cause sharp, radiating pain in your shoulders and down your arms. A bulging disc in your lower back will cause pain in your buttocks, thighs, and calf muscles.

What Exactly is a Herniated or Bulging Disc?

The discs located between each vertebra of your spine provide a shock absorber for your spine. Shock absorption is needed while you walk, run, and perform most recreational activities. Each disc consists of two parts, an inner gel material, and an outer wall. A herniated disc occurs when the inner gel material pushes through the outer wall.

Herniated Disc Treatment From Your Chiropractor

Your chiropractor will use gentle physical force to maneuver the disc back into a more normal position. This maneuvering moves the affected disc away from your nerves which relieves pressure. Massage therapy and targeted exercises will help to reduce the pain-causing inflammation and help return your muscles to normal function. It may take several visits for the treatment to achieve the optimum results.

Receive Proper Diagnosis and Treatment

There could be several reasons why you may be experiencing radiating pain in your back and extremities. Only proper diagnosis and a treatment plan will help you. That is what you can count on from the expert chiropractic staff at Itasca Health and Chiropractic in Itasca, IL. We also serve residents from Elk Grove Village, Wood Dale, and the surrounding communities. If you are experiencing neck or back pain, set up an appointment with us today by calling 630-250-9200 and let our experienced staff bring you pain relief and wellness.


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