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Back Pain

Upper, Middle, and Low Back Pain Treatment in Elk Grove, Wood Dale, and Itasca, IL

Dr. Joel Hanson and the team at Itasca Health and Chiropractic has provided holistic health care for our neighbors from Elk Grove, Wood Dale, and Itasca, IL for an incredible 21 years. Without question, one of the most common conditions we've seen in this time is back pain. If your upper, middle, or lower back is frequently stiff, sore, painful, or achy, don't think you have to settle for a lifetime of these symptoms or costly and invasive interventions to alleviate them. Chiropractic care offers a different solution to your back pain problem. 


Causes of Back Pain

One reason back pain is so common is because the condition's leading risk factors are common, too! These include sitting too much, having poor posture, frequently lifting or bending, having a physically demanding occupation or pastime, experiencing a traumatic injury, advancing age, genetic predisposition, or even other conditions like obesity, fibromyalgia, and tobacco use.

Your spine is an intricate economy of connective and nervous tissue and bone. More than one type of spinal tissue can be affected during any single episode of back pain. This is just one reason why chiropractic care is so effective for back pain, because our skilled Itasca chiropractor can treat multiple issues concurrently using holistic techniques that enhance each other's overall effects.

Common back pain conditions diagnosed at our chiropractic clinic include:

  • Muscle spasms or strains
  • Vertebral joint dislocations (spondylolisthesis) or subluxations
  • Arthritis, degenerative disc disease, or facet joint syndrome
  • Spinal stenosis (narrowing of spaces in the spine)
  • Spinal disc herniation or disc bulge
  • Nerve compression, like sciatica (in the low back) or cervical radiculopathy (in the neck)

How a Chiropractor Can Heal Your Back Pain

Our Itasca chiropractor offers several healing techniques to help people experiencing back pain. These services, including whole body vibration, non-surgical spinal decompression, spinal manipulations, and exercises and stretches, work to alleviate pain and tissue damage, realign the spinal column, optimize nervous system function for longer-lasting pain relief, and improve core strength and stabilization to help you avoid recurring problems.

Dr. Joel also offers insightful and individualized counseling regarding lifestyle, posture, nutrition, pain perception and beliefs, mindset, and weight and stress management to help you manage your spinal health more thoroughly.

Bummed Out by Back Pain?

If back pain is causing you to lose sleep, wages, or your quality of life, contact Itasca Health and Chiropractic at 630-250-9200 to schedule your consultation with our chiropractor today. Let's work together to get you "back" to health!


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